Lester Rey Debut EP - Blue Lion

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Lester Rey Debut EP - Blue Lion
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Lester Rey is a Puerto Rican artist growing a new scene for old school funk, soul, and latin sounds to create Boogaloo-Urbano. Urbano provides the hip-hop voice of the community he grew up in, while Boogaloo sets a stage for the dance and rhythms of Caribbean diasporas. Inspired by his father's funk and rock records along with his mother's love of salsa music, Lester Reay is fusing black and brown sounds to put Chicago music on the map and unite communities on the dance floor. Lester Rey has opened for Boca Floja, Michael Reyes, Olmeca, Lah Tere, and Elephant Rebellion. 

1. Ponce Blues 6:05
2. Andar 3:23
3.Never Been Alone  6:06
4. Bougie Bella 4:23
5. I Like It Like That 3:42



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