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  • Podcasting Irene Diaz with Two Live Acoustic Songs

    Irene has emerged forcefully as a dynamic singer/song writer out of Los Angeles. With a deep soulful sound, Irene's music  grabs your attention immediately. Having been recognized by NPR as a top talent and opening for luminaries such as Lila Downs Irene stands apart. Listen to the podcast below as we discuss her music, influences, favorite recipes and enjoy her soul grabbing sound with two live acoustic songs! 

    You can listen to her tracks on Soundcloud below.

    Finally check out this amazing video of her live at the Gaia Haus. She is currently working on her first LP and we will certainly let you know when that comes out. 

     -Filiberto Nolasco Gomez

  • Our Podcast with @blacklotusrosie, a Xicana Instagram Icon



    Rosie is gentle and unassuming, her look is an aesthetic of resistance that Xicana’s feel deeply committed too, as she describes, “style is a resistance.” Rosie commented before our podcast that women sometimes recognize her on the streets of Los Angele and find themselves moved in her presence, crying and commenting on what her images mean to them. What is captivating about Rosie’s photos is how you feel as if she is representing herself in a complete way. Manicured and styled, oozes intention and comfort in her. Perhaps that’s where the base of her following comes from. She isn’t a celebrity or someone that seeks attention or an audience. She has no presence other then her photos and how those photos represent her perspective. She is uncompromising and consistent in a community of Xicana’s in LA. Los Agneles is one of the epicenters of the latinx diaspora, communities constantly negotiation space and finding their voice. Through her aesthetic she speaks and her over 12,000 Instagram followers are listening.


    In describing Rosie within a sophisticated analysis of Chicana representation, Ivonne Gonzalez writes, “When I encountered “La Chicana” Rosie’s Tumblr, I knew I had encountered something beautifully radical and special. On both her Tumblr and Instagram, Rosie shows how young Chicana women can use social media as an avenue for self-expression and self-representation. Unlike the other photographs in this exhibit, these photographs are captured by a Chicana herself. There are a few sites within Los Angeles that she has chosen to feature on her Instagram page, and I think that these places are indicators of a Chicana’s mobility throughout L.A. Social media allows Chicanas to interpret their own photography, instead of depending on archival institutions that might not do justice to their feminist projects. “

    Take a Listen and Enjoy! 




  • Dream Has No Friend


    We have been gleefully following and writing about the sounds that are emerging from a new generation of musicians and artists in our native Los Angeles. Recently, the video "Dream Has No Friends" was brought to our attention by director Lorena Endara.


    The video comes from the experimental Jon Armstrong Jazz Orchestra and features a mostly latino cast set in Los Angeles. According to their press release, 


    "it was inspired by a poem that drifts between consciousness and unconsciousness. Similarly, the music video takes you on a strangely emotional and visual experience of sound. It was filmed in Los Angeles and the open-ended journey points viewers towards the new face of American jazz."



    After reviewing the entirety of the Jon Armstrong Orchestra music and slightly intimidated by the length of the songs, Director Lorena Endara, 

    "picked "Dream Has No Friend" because of the mood. it reminds of an old black and white mystery film and i thought it be cool to capture different parts of Los Angeles. Since Eduardo [husband and guitarist for Chicano Batman} is my Los Angeles guide I feel like I have high standards for what the city is. deep inside, my goal was to impress Eduardo with the locations I picked. i know he loved the b-roll shot of the trees over the 110 freeway right in the beginning. "

    I for one enjoyed the music. I appreciated the dark tones emanating from the brass and woodwinds along with the experimental design of the music. The video has a classic look panning elegantly through the heart of Los Angeles. Clearly Lorena's approach to filmmaking has a minimalist aesthetic. Using juxtaposition and adjusting the opacity levels Lorena is able to effectively convey conflict emanating from the main character.  The phrasing in the film complemented the tone and feel of the music without feeling like a music video. 


    -Filiberto Nolasco Gomez

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