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  • Our Culture is Our Resistance



    Dear fellow Latinx Peoples,

    In the media and in this country we are raised to be believe that all we are good for is to labor for white capitalists like Donald Trump. That we are "at risk communities" needing white intervention. That in order to be successful we have to strip away our heritage and consent to whiteness.

    But fuck that. We have fought the colonization of our lands and minds for over 500 years defending ourselves against every colonial empire thrust onto us by Europe. Our tradition and heritage is one of resistance and militant action. Our societies have produced complex languages and methods of expression that don't rely on the written word but instead on how we relate to one another in community, story and song.

    The work of our ante pasados produced the most radical constitution on the planet: the 1917 Mexican constitution, which guaranteed, ejido, collective land rights. (These rights were significantly weakened as the Mexican government prepared for the implementation of NAFTA)

    In the face of dictatorships we have produced song to express the beauty and the belief in our shared resistance.

    We are the children of fighters and our legacy asks us to endure in the belly of the beast, here in what is now so obviously, the most racist society on the planet. In this, let there be no doubt that the American dream rests on a vision built off the stolen  land of native peoples and the enslaved labor of black folks

    Our generation has made its own mark as we fight the oppressive religious structures of our parents to embrace our queer and trans community. We have the ability to be intersectional, to feed the promise of a worldview and application of our heritage with our own voice and spirit

    We have learned that words move mountains and our moments of solidarity can take on any empire and any delusional "leader." 

    To my non Latinx POC community ... sup... I love you very much and I love the fight we have formed together. There is beauty in our struggle but pain with every step and breath we take.

    Know that the one truth I hold is that our future is tied to an intersectional understanding of how we relate to one another and that white supremacy needs to be dismantled

    And know that the only warmth I find comfort in is the space we hold together in our tears and our hopes. Our shared love will carry me as we get beaten, arrested, targeted, and deported. In short made disposable by the state and its white supremacists

    I will rise and love with you or I will die trying.


    Filiberto Nolasco Gomez

    El Huateque


  • We are looking for an E Commerce Intern! Come join the family


    El Huateque is a national leader focusing of Latino social media. We are uncompromisingly progressive and seek out vendors and musicians that align with our values. In our almost two year of existent we have quickly become a leading voice through our Facebook, Twitter and Web Page. We are looking to expand by increasing revenue to put together shows all over the country and pay freelance writers a fair wage.
    We are looking for a passionate and motivated, hardworking individual with strong interest in e-commerce, marketing and analytics. This is a great opportunity for candidates who are interested in first-hand experience in being the resource engine that will drive the growth of the website and our progressive vision.
    This internship will include a small stipend that will increase as sales increase. Long-term opportunities are contingent on sales. Geographic location is open.
    • Setup and launch of online ad campaigns
    • Assist with merchandising of product on site
    • Assist with online traffic and sales analysis for growth opportunities
    • Research and assess potential sales partners
    • Experience in driving sales through Social Media such as Instagram and Pinterest
    • Experience with Ecommerce platforms is a plus
    What You Will Learn:
    • Create a long-term online marketing and social media marketing campaign.
    • Interact and build relationships with our online community by maintaining online media accounts.
    • Assist the founder in building and presenting social media strategy.
    To apply please submit your resume and cover letter to
  • Chicano Batman's New Single!

    Hey folks

    Chicano Batman came out with a new single yesterday. There isn't much that they do that we wouldn't like. That said, this single is a reflection of the group stretching themselves and experimenting with some new features, for example, the centrality of the Yamaha organ and the presence of a female voice. We look forward to whats to come.

    Check it out here:


    We also wanted to take you to the way back machine to check out our first podcast with them in the early days of this website. They where actually our first podcast! The first four I sourced from a job I had when I first started experimenting with podcasts and was trying to develop my own style. Unfortunately, the drummer with the mane of terror Gabriel wasn't a part of that podcast.   

    Chicano Batman has helped ground what El Huateque has become along with introducing me to the vibrant emerging Chicanx/Latinx music scene stepping forcefully out of my native Los Angeles. We will always be grateful for their support and ongoing friendship. 


     - Filiberto Nolasco Gomez 

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