• An Immigrant Journey to the Midwest for two young Women

    Chasing the American Dream comes with a lot of sacrifices. Age has a lot to do with the way one experiences the transition of a new country as an immigrant.


    While immigrant families often think of the opportunities and future that can open up for their children, they sometimes don’t think of the culture shock that their children face when they take them out of their country, a place they once called home, and moving them to an unknown country where they must learn to adapt to a new culture and speak a new language.




    As a child you don't have much of a say on the decision of moving. The transition can be smooth, a bumpy road, or a mix of both for young immigrants.

    Here's a story of two young women who immigrated as children with their family to Minnesota. Luisa Armendariz was four years old when she moved to Minnesota and Nadeen Al-Huthaili was 13. They had distinct experiences based on their age




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