• Police Violently Evict the #4thPrecinctShutDown

     Update: By 9:20am Police had set up barricades around the Precinct. Via Ashley Fairbanks




    At 3:45am this morning, Minneapolis Police violently evicted the #4thPrecintShutDown. after 18 days of a 24/7 peaceful demonstration. What began as a response to the execution of Jamar Clark would become 18 days of a 24/7 peaceful demonstration. 



    Organizers called for a rally on Thursday November 3rd at 4pm at City Hall in response to what they cal, "the Mayor and City Council's continued brutality against peaceful protesters who have endured a white supremacist terrorist attack, police violence, and freezing temperatures to demand justice for Jamar Clark."

    Protestors continue to demand: Release the tapes, appoint a special prosecutor with no grand jury for Jamar Clark's case, and institute a safety plan to protect Minneapolis residents from continued police violence.

    During the course of the Shut Down of the #4th Precinct , Protestors where attacked by white supremacists, confronted the Mayor over what they are argue to be her inadequate response to the attacks and threw an elaborate "Blacksgiving" celebration.   


    After getting shot at by white supremacists, seeing two people next to me get hit, helping them into their friends SUV...

    Posted by Jie Wronski-Riley on Tuesday, November 24, 2015


    In describing the attack by white supremacists  Andy Parson wrote:

    "I was at the precinct when this happened; saw the protest security folks peacefully moving the masked white supremacist terrorists away fromthe site; heard the shots and saw people running both away from the shooting and towards it. Despite the heavy police presence in the immediate area, the cops seemed in no hurry to do anything. It was the protesters who worked to maintain order and safety.

    A few minutes before the shootings, one of the cops inside the precinct had popped up over the wall wearing a black face mask like the ones the white supremacists were wearing. You'd think, being so close and aware of the situation, they could have acted at something other than a snail's pace.

    Nobody was taken into custody, and one of the cops told protesters 'This is what you wanted.' Police then maced the peaceful demonstrators and ignored witnesses, including a friend of mine who had the name and address of a potential suspect.

    I wasn't alive in the 1960s and so don't know what that time in our history felt like. I know that what happened last night is wrong, profoundly wrong, and makes me think on how much work there still is to do. When white terrorists can hang out at a police precinct, shoot a bunch of black people, and walk away into the night, we have a deep and systemic problem.

    I'll be joining hundreds of others at the precinct today at 2pm for a march and I invite you all to join me, even if you haven't been out to any of the protests yet. Although it's a cliche, if you've ever wondered what you'd do if you were alive during the civil rights era, now's the time to find out. Hope to see you out there."

    -Filiberto Nolasco Gomez

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