• Protestors Took over Freeway in response to the Execution of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis Police

    In response to the execution of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis Police protestors took over the 94 Freeway in Minneapolis, haulting traffic.

    After several hours of diverting traffic officers took over the freeway deploying over 60 squad cars. 

    42 protestors where booked in Hennepin County Jail. They began to be released in the early hours of the morning. 


    On November 17th BLM activists revealed that the coroner's office determined that Jamar Clark was indeed shot in the head by police. 



    Organizers offered a healing space for those that have been engaged in the fight for #justice4jamar. After 3 days of pain and confusion community came together to reflect and consider the impact of the last several days. Individuals came up to the stage to share there thoughts and feelings.

    A North Minneapolis resident and single mother Stephanie Gasca revealed that her 12 year old son had been kicked in the rear by his teacher.  Her son attends middle school in the Robbinsdale school district. The District is made up of at least 30% students of color and the teachers are largely white. 

    Stephanie further explained that, 

    Today I will have to explain to my son that the criminal "justice" system doesn't work for us. Explain to him that him being assaulted by his teacher is ok in the systems eyes and that there will be no charges brought against her because the white city attorney doesn't believe her actions were criminal or warrant any charges. I'm not surprised but I'm hurt that I have to explain this to my 12 year old son.

    For her the shooting is a reminder that her young boys are not safe and that the school to prison pipeline starts early. Her son, upon hearing that the District Attorney would not charge the teacher with assault he commented that: 

    How is that not assault? If I would of kicked a teacher I would of been in jail.

    Many others expressed there solidarity and sense of despair over the execution of the young man. It was eventually announced that Black Lives Matter Activists and members of Clark's family met with Mayor Hodges. The meetings seem to have been preliminary. 


    -Filiberto Nolasco Gomez 



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