• Urban Outfitters: Appropriator and Bad Employer

    Recently my brother found this nice piece of work at his local Urban Outfitters (UO)

    So why is this a problem? Isn't it good that Urban Outfitters include Maya textiles in there product line?

    Meh, maybe. But, what is troubling is that usually these sorts of items, if they are actually sourced from indigenous communities are purchased at extraordinarily  low prices leaving the profits in the hands of large corporations and not producers themselves who, again if indigenous are already mired in poverty. Too often these objects are treated as trinkets and don't honor the hundreds of years of history and fabrication that are embedded within these items. These aren't just accessories or folklore but rather a central feature in Maya cosmology and practice. 

    So there's that. 

    Also UO is a horrible employers. As Gawker highlighted, Urban Outfitters is asking employees to work for free:

    "URBN is explicitly asking its salaried employees to 'pick, pack and prepare packages'—an actual job!—for free, with the only rewards being lunch and transportation.

    The company, of course, is spinning it as a 'team building activity' in which office-based employees will get the unique and invaluable opportunity to “experience our fulfillment operations first hand. 'All the employees have to do is sacrifice weekend afternoons to travel to rural Pennsylvania.' "

    We are no fan of yours, Urban Outfitters! 


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    • xljkrarchu says…

      Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

      on March 27, 2021

    • Natalie says…

      If they’re salaried employees, it’s not technically asking them to work for free because they get paid a salary. that statement is confusing.

      on October 08, 2015

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