• Chicano Batman's New Single!

    Hey folks

    Chicano Batman came out with a new single yesterday. There isn't much that they do that we wouldn't like. That said, this single is a reflection of the group stretching themselves and experimenting with some new features, for example, the centrality of the Yamaha organ and the presence of a female voice. We look forward to whats to come.

    Check it out here:


    We also wanted to take you to the way back machine to check out our first podcast with them in the early days of this website. They where actually our first podcast! The first four I sourced from a job I had when I first started experimenting with podcasts and was trying to develop my own style. Unfortunately, the drummer with the mane of terror Gabriel wasn't a part of that podcast.   

    Chicano Batman has helped ground what El Huateque has become along with introducing me to the vibrant emerging Chicanx/Latinx music scene stepping forcefully out of my native Los Angeles. We will always be grateful for their support and ongoing friendship. 


     - Filiberto Nolasco Gomez 

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