• Be Gone Chipsterlife! We are Now El Huateque

    Chipsterlife.com began as an experiement to test our insight that there are very few latino spaces online with a strong progressive voice. What surprised many of us is that we were right. While amazing work is being done by the likes of presente.org and latinorebels.com we came to realize that we could compliment their path breaking work by adding our attentiveness to the emerging artistic and expressive work of groups such as Chicano Batman, Viento Callejero, Mexico 68, among others. We began discovered our own voices as journalists and commentators as we have strung together pieces examining gentrification in Highland Park, investigating Slumlords in South Minneapolis, drawing attention to the racist Santa Barbara News Press and long form stories from friends all over the country.


    We are proud of the work we have done and the voice we are crafting. This project is no longer an experiment but an uncompromising digital space with a clear voice and purpose. It is with this in mind that we are moving away from what seems an unfit name “chipsterlife” and instead assert ourselves into a vision of documenting and reflecting on the politics in the art forms that our communities are developing. We will write without restraint, grounded in our experiences and devotion to crafting our own brand of journalism and storytelling that tells a narrative different from other media outlet.

    In truth chipsterlife was a placeholder and a joke few seemed to get. At the outset we hoped it would take advantage of the emerging interest in the term, but began growing frustrated with its political stagnation and association with the community of folks, “hipsters,”  that have exacerbated gentrification and alienation with the communities we love. Despite this, we do love plastic rimmed glasses, records and La Cita in our native Los Angeles, but those are just objects and an aesthetic. It’s not what drives the beating of our hearts, what moves us to protest injustices, stay up late at night carefully crafting a new post, and honoring the lives of those we write about.

    While the project will continue to evolve as we consistently constantly examine our place in the world, we are confident with who we are and are now capable of really embracing what the website has become and realize what it could be. This is a call to accept us as we see ourselves, but also a call for our audience to embrace their own voice and contribute content. If you have been following us you know what we are about. Stand with us and amplify our collective voice. We are devoted to sharing this experience with you and continue crafting it together

    Wait hold on... so what is El Huateque?

    You know we arent entirely sure. It's often spelled with an h and is attributed to Mexican, Venezuelan and Cuban pre hispanic communities. Near as we can tell different communities define it for themselves since it's so colloquial and that is awesome! Thats what the site is about: people embracing it on their own terms and taking the time to find content they enjoy. In any case, our understanding is that Huateque refers to a party, a festive gathering place where stories are shared and communities come together.

    We love it and we are now El Huateque

     Con amor, solidaridad e intención

    Filiberto Nolasco Gomez

    and the Huateques

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