• Sexual Violence Survivors at UCSB Need your Support, Donate now!

    Alejandra Melgoza and Melissa Vasquez are undergraduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara. On separate instances, both of these students were subjected to sexual violence. They courageously reported the attacks, only to encounter an inefficient bureaucracy at the administrative level, which has unnecessarily prolonged their struggle, subjecting them to a traumatic process that has only served to further perpetuate the violence they are facing.

    Melgoza and Vasquez have been working tirelessly on their individual cases, but also publicly bringing to attention an inefficient process that has not guaranteed their safety, thus making public what many students endure in their individual struggles for safety. As of today, their attackers are still allowed to be on campus with no consequence.

    These students have an opportunity to make their voices heard, at the UC Regents meeting this coming May 20, 2015, which will take place in San Francisco, CA. We are calling upon our community to help us fund the expenses of this trip. This is an effort that these amazing students are taking on for the safety of all students, please help us make this happen – no contribution is too small.

    To contribute go to this link on the Chipsterlife site  http://www.chipsterlife.com/products/donation 

    The baseline is $1 but as soon as you hit "add" you can make whatever donation you like. Chipsterlife has afford to absorb the finance charges so every dollar you donate will go directly to these brave women. 

    Thanks, fam!
    #nowUCsb "


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