• This Week in Cultural Appropriation

    From Urban Outfitters comes top products that have us annoyed. There really isn't much to say, this shirt is just messed up!


    From the website:

    "Be the life of the party in this slim-fit pop-top tee shirt from Brew City. Soft knit cotton blend construction features a banded crew neck and printed lettering at the front finished with a built-in bottle opener near the hemline. Brew City Beer Gear, Inc. is a family business created in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1986 with the focus of creating tee shirt designs that make people laugh."

    Well at least there is a built in bottle opener...I guess thats the frustrating part, its a family business not some evil corporation. Gotta do better Milwaukee family!

    "Energy-balancing smudge kit, with hand-picked ingredients by the talented duo behind The Local Branch. Comes with a white sage smudge stick, wild turkey smudging feather, stoneware smudging dish, candle and instructions."


    Again, not a big surprise here. White folks have been appreciating our, "practices" for quite some time. Honestly though, if your ceremonial brings require an instructional manual just stay away. 


    So there is this! 



    Apparently folks have been aware of this since around August of last year but since I really don't follow McDonalds I was blow away to find my treasured chorizo brandished across there marquee. Apparently the chorizo isn't even pork, its chicken with "Chorizo Seasoning"!?!?!


    What say you readers?





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