• Its hard Covering Stories on a Low Budget: My Zimride trip that refused to be pleasant.

    Here at Chipsterlife we have basically no budget. I am a modest fellow living on a non-profit salary, which we all know isn't much. I have tapped into my savings to fund the site along with relying on friends to letting me crash at there houses as I cover stories. That said I have to find cost saving where I can. Mostly it works out, sometimes it goes horribly wrong. 

    Enter Zimride, After the Santa Barbara News-Press story exploded I knew I needed to get to SB from Oakland some how. I wad made aware that minutemen and other hate groups would be there and I wanted to be get a sense of what was happening for myself.  The story I developed was named, "Santa Barbara News-Press you are a Mess!" Flying isn't an option cause its like 500 dollars and buses or Amtrak take about 8 hours. 

    I turned to Zimride. Its essentially a car sharing service. You go online, check out who is heading your direction and agree on a modest fee. The website itself is a bit buggy and the app is outdated. They seem to mostly focus on college students and their towns. Going to SB was easy, heading back though was another story.  


    A modest start, a little annoying but not to bad. They spent an hour getting snacks as if we were heading across the country and they would never see a grocery store until we got to the destination.


    Like a big ass jug and she had to tilt her head back very far, BARELY keeping her eyes on the road. Also she was constantly fiddling with her phone.


    PDA no way!!!


    Self explanatory

    Chipsterlife should live on, even if I am gone.


    I was grateful they didn't ask me to weigh in.


    We stopped for a minute so homie could smoke a cigarette. He proceeded to try to impress me with his knowledge of producers and hip hop artists after I explained that I work with latin@ musicians and do some promoting. Look I work with who I work with, I don't really know names or the industry and really don't care. I basically mostly listen to 1970s latin america folk music.


    She was pretty casual about this as we all started raising our voices at her. At this point, as my anger and impatience increased I couldn't handle character limitations and moved on to to Facebook. 


    I do believe many prayers were directed towards me. 

    The only thing that held me together was obsessively staring and fiddling with my iPhone. Thankfully I had a my laptop to keep my iPhone charged. Most expensive battery charger ever!



    I really only heard half of this over the music. I can't speak to the complete accuracy of this statement.


    So close but so far! I take it as a sign of a failing relationship that folks need to perform their intimacy and attraction to each other so much. Perhaps a little harsh, meh.



    This one was verbatim. I had actually forgotten R. Kelly said that. His knowledge of a culture that isn't his own is encyclopedic. Kudos to you budding sociologist or perhaps even anthropologist.

    Zimride finally responded: 

    I appreciate Zimride expressing some concern. 

    In order to help us avoid situations like these why not help us out and purchase something from the Chipsterlife store: Don Beto's Tienda! 



















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