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    • Ron says…

      These people are NOT undocumented immigrants, They are not here legally, therefore they are ILLEGAL, they are not citizens, therefore they are ALIENS. It, therefore, is perfectly logical to call them what they are, ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! If this term offends you, too bad. I find calling them “undocumented immigrants” highly repulsive and offensive.It is not a “racist” headline, it is a truthful headline. I’m willing to bet that nowhere in the article does it state that all people shown in the picture are ILLEGAL ALIENS.

      on January 05, 2015

    • BC says…

      What’s the problem? Are you offended when America stands up for the LAW? Only left wing, liberal NUTS would be offended. In fact, if the Hispanics who are soooo offended by this actually went back to their Country and put their time and effort bitching about the crap hole they came from, maybe they’d finally clean those countries up instead of invading America and stealing the wallets of hard working AMERICAN CITIZENS. Idiots!

      on January 05, 2015

    • Liz Morales says…

      Ridiculous article, you should be ashamed of how you are portraying Latinos. Not illegal! Idiots!

      on January 05, 2015

    • Ken says…

      I’m disappointed that you chose to use Change.org http://disq.us/8llucg

      I’d suggest that people contact the paper directly instead http://www.newspress.com/npsite/staffdirectory.html

      on January 05, 2015

    • Art says…

      The more you pay attention to this ignorant newspaper the more they going to do it so just ignore them

      on January 04, 2015

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