• Chipsterlife founder Filiberto interviewed by an old buddy!

    I was recently up in Sacramento visiting my buddies David and Kelly. David mentioned that he would enjoy the opportunity to interview me. I figured it was about time to get back into the interview chair to talk about the progress of the site and give some insight into my politics and what informs the content I focus on. So enjoy the interview!

    Note: David's voice is a little louder then mine so you might have to fiddle with the audio a little.  

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    • Mary says…

      adminJune 17, 2012Your input and kind words are very much appreciated Michael — make no mtsaike, what we are doing is extremely difficult. If it were just building the house it would be one thing. But we are trying to build in a timely fashion while pushing through a lot of uncharted territory; while trying to put together a well thought out, full length feature documentary; while keeping the world updated regularly with our progress so that this idea can flourish — with really only enough money to build the house. So thank you again for thinking of us. It means a lot.

      on March 26, 2015

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