• We love Chicano Batman: Defending the Rights of Migrant Youth



    This past Sunday at The New Parish in Oakland California Chicano Batman headlined a benefit concert for the legal representation of unaccompanied minors facing deportation. The organization providing the representation is two year old Oakland based non-profit Social Justice Collaborative (SJC). We started the evening with the La Pelanga DJ Collective spinning tracks and Mexican hip hop artist Chhoti Maa got the crowd excited with her sick rhymes and strong words about justice. It was an amazing night to be sure and probably the most significant thing I have done through this website. We produced the show in collaboration with SJC who I am on the board of. Prior to the show we had a fun podcast at the SJC offices. Half way through the interview some of the youth that have received legal services spoke with us. It was a beautiful moment of connection and the fellas of Chicano Batman learned about the importance of the work SJC is doing. Before Chicano Batman performed three youth also came on stage to speak to folks and more importantly absorb all the support and affection.




    The show in large part was a representation of the love we colectivley hold for youth trying to flee misery and violence, who have the courage to take control of their lives and who need our love and acceptance. With great love, I had the opportunity to emcee all night and introduce my friends Chicano Batman.Thank You for your music Chicano Batman, and your support.

    In order to support SJC continuing their important work chipsterlife.com is offering to donate SJC half of the proceeds of sales of the new products we have recently posted. For a limited time, we will also be offering free shipping. To support SJC please use code 1E79OXDL0I6N. The products we feature are sourced from socially conscious artists and artisans. For example we have many products from a Guatemalan indigenous women’s weaving cooperative.


    Here are the some more facts about deportation proceedings for you:

    • Youth do not have a right to an attorney to defend them from deportation
    • 9 out of 10 youth will be deported if they do not have attorneys
    • 50% will win their cases with attorneys, and SJC’s track record is at 100%
    • Many minors are not coming to the US to join parents, they are leaving their parents behind because of the severity of the danger at home
    • Minors are locked up like prisoners all across the U.S.

    In Solidarity, 


    Filiberto Nolasco


    Photo Credit: Alicia Vargas

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