• The Killing of Alex Nieto by the San Francisco Police Department



    On Friday August 22nd in San Francisco, California friends and community members mourned the loss of Alex Nieto 4 months after he was assassinated by San Francisco Police Officers. As news around the deaths in Ferguson, Missouri emerge we are reminded that the police in this country treat men of color as; pathological, prone to violence and ultimately disposable.

    In the case of 29 year Alex Nieto he worked as a security guard at a night club and owned a taser. As he was walking along the streets of San Francisco the police were called because the neighbors felt that he looked suspicious. Police claimed that his taser was a weapon and he was brandishing it menacingly justifying the barrage of bullets that emanated from two officers. Community members argue that it was clearly a taser and the police overreacted. The video below shows the Sunrise Ceremony recently performed to honor the memory of Alex Nieto.


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