• Indigenous Campesinos Fighting Water Privatization in Ecuador



    From special correspondent Patrick Farwig.

    A national indigenous / campesino rights group is marching from the south of Ecuador all the way across the country to Quito. Today they passed through Cuenca and rallied in the main square. They are demonstrating against a water privatization law currently being debated and voted on in the national assembly. My Spanish struggles to grasp the complexity of the political situation in Ecuador, but my understanding is that Correa has completely lost the support of the indigenous community. Allowing Canadian, Chinese, and U.S. mining companies to wreak havoc on indigenous land is a major component of Correa's plan for Ecuador's economic development.

    It is hard to find more recent articles about the privatization protests. Here is an excerpt from a 2010 NACLA article:

    "Tensions reached a boiling point in September with the government's proposed new water law. Opponents claimed that it violated the constitution's provisions for absolute public and community control over water resources. The law allows for the privatization of water, set limits on community participation in water management, prioritizes access for industrial users, and above all place no real restraints on the ravaging of rivers and aquifers by the mining companies.

    Once again protests broke out, this time mainly in the Andean city of Cuenca and the Amazonic town of Macas. As the police tried to dislodge two road blockades near Macas on September 30, violence erupted leading to the death of a bilingual teacher from the Shuar indigenous federation and the injury of several dozen others. To diffuse the explosive situation, the two sides agreed to a comprehensive dialogue that included discussion of the water and mining laws as well as the provisions for the pluri-national state that had been proclaimed in the new constitution."



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