• El-Haru Kuroi - An East Los Angeles Original



    On a recent trip to Los Angeles I got a chance to hang out with El-Haru Kuroi in Boyle Heights. We had a fun podcast at the percussionist's, Dominique's home. As Mike mentions later in the podcast they really do represent Latino Los Angeles well as each represents varying degrees of generations removed from Mexico and their families immigrant narratives.

    There style can only be described as eclectic with Eddikas amazing voice and haunting lyrics giving the music its character and feel. Unfortunately, I was not able to see them live so I can't describe that. However, coupled with what Chicano Batman is doing both groups reflect an emerging, uniquely Latino Los Angeles sound that I am not bold enough to name here but I would be happy to entertain suggestions. It encompasses an adoration for the past and strong bonds with parents and grandparents but chooses to absorb the sounds of our generation into something unique and exciting. Take some time to get to know them and enjoy!

    This post is going to be very media heavy. Below is the podcast,followed by their just released music video, a sampling of their music and an older music video on Dïa De Los Muertos. There FB page is here and website is here.






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