• Deaths along the US Mexican Border

    Growing up Don Beto would always talk about his journey crossing the US Mexico border. In his day it was not as militarized as it is now. He literally jumped the fence several times having suffered a gun shot wound from border patrol agents apparently engaging in target practice as they shot at my father. In the lead up to the Oscars Don Beto wants to remind you of an incredible film that chronicles the border crossing and disappearance of Dayani Cristal. It is surprising that it virtually flew under the radar since it was produced and stars Gael García Bernal. The trailer is below.

    Their is a lot written about border deaths however these two pieces of info seemed particularly current and illustrative of the issue. Al Jazeera focuses on a portion of the border called, "The Corridor of Death". The Arizona Non-profit Humane Borders have put together a searchable map of deceased migrants.



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