• Buyepongo Comes to the Twin Cities On Friday May 27th!


    Buyepongo is a band in the middle of a thriving latinx music scene in Los Angeles. Their style reflects Los Angeles, a largely latinx city that draws from all over Latin America. 

    The event will feature a live performance by Buyepongo 

    DJ Sets by
    The Ponderers - DJs Sandra y Stephanie (CHI)

    Live Music, DJs, Dancing, Visual + Live Art, + Vendors

    Friday, May 27th, 10pm
    Bedlam Lowertown
    213 4th St. E St. Paul


    Tickets can be purchased here. Pre sale are $10, $12 at the door. 

    In their own words, 

    The name Buyepongo means “to cause a ruckus” –which certainly describes the scene on the dance floors of Los Angeles whenever the band launches into its dizzyingly energetic, instantly infectious rhythms. But it also describes Buyepongo’s riotous mash-up of influences, which absorbs hip-hop, punk, funk, and jazz sounds into a delirious tropical blend of styles from across the Latin American diaspora. Like its name, the band is part hybrid, part invention, something untranslatable that nevertheless perfectly captures its uniquely vibrant spirit.


    As described in a Los Angeles Weekly feature


    Todo Mundo, produced by Eugene Toale and due out this Friday, features 12 songs of what the members of Buyepongo have dubbed “buyangú,” a style of music that encompasses each member’s diverse roots and backgrounds in California, Mexico and Central and South America. Cumbia, merengue and punta beats and rhythms don’t collide with each other so much as they flow and combine together like rivers, picking up elements of funk and jazz along the way.

    “There’s no tradition that we follow in our cumbia playing,” explains Larry Harvey, who recorded percussion on the album and has played with Buyepongo intermittently over the years. “I feel like when we were playing cumbia as the original Buyepongo, it was very influenced by Andres Landero. Then we broke into this vibe of Tatico Henriquez with the merengues. I would honestly say we never pushed hard back into cumbia. We’ve grown into our own sound.”



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