• Hunger Strike Against Police Brutality in SF


    In much the same way the killings of young black men have galvanized communities all over the country the killing of Alex Nieto has activated residents of San Francisco. Set against the increasingly gentrified tech haven 28 year old Alex Nieto was shot to death by San Francisco police officers. His body was riddled by their bullets.

    From a Guardian Article, "Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco."

    Alex Nieto was 28 years old when he was killed, in the neighbourhood where he had spent his whole life. He died in a barrage of bullets fired at him by four San Francisco policemen. There are a few things about his death that everyone agrees on: he was in a hilltop park eating a burrito and tortilla chips, wearing the Taser he carried for his job as a bouncer at a nightclub, when someone called 911 on him a little after 7pm on the evening of 21 March 2014. When police officers arrived a few minutes later, they claim Nieto defiantly pointed the Taser at them, and that they mistook its red laser light for the laser sights of a gun, and shot him in self defence. However, the stories of the four officers contradict each other, and some of the evidence. 


    Hungers Strikers have been protesting for 3 days. As 48Hills Reports:

    “We are starving ourselves because the uncomfortableness we’re feeling is nothing like the feeling — and I bring myself back to when Alex Nieto took his last breath and was shot at 56 times, said hunger striker Edwin Lindo. So when I felt that hunger in my stomach I felt those bullets going through Alex and I said I can still sit here. I said, he can’t breath anymore but I can and there’s five others standing with us saying that they’re willing to stand and literally go hungry.”



    Strikes are demanding the resignation of Police Chief Suhr and the of indiscriminate shooting and killings of the residents of San Francisco.

    For more information you can follow their Facebook Page





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