• Tor y Fili Review Gentefied


    Well many of us are quarantined cause it's dangerous out there, why not take a listen and binge-watch Gentefied?

    If you haven't seen well this review is for you. Gentefied premiered on Netflix with little fanfare but a lot of anticipation. If you have already seen it chuckle along with the podcast. Also, sorry you aren't invited to Tor's b-day party.



  • No Me Digas: Tor and Amanda

    El Huateque presents: No Me Digas. A podcast hosted by Tor Chavarria



    In Episode 3, Thicc Bitch Posse Homegirl Amanda Rodriguez has a chat with Tor. In continuation with the topic of identity, they  discuss micro aggressions, personal awakenings and their experience at a JLO concert.



  • No Me Digas: Tor and Jen



    El Huateque presents: No Me Digas. A podcast hosted by Tor Chavarria

    In Episode 2, Tor’s homegirl Jennifer Novak drops by for a chat. They discuss their experiences growing up that shaped what their identities are today.

  • No Me Digas: The Debut Episode


    El Huateque presents: No Me Digas. A podcast hosted by Tor Chavarria

    What’s it like being brown and queer in today’s America? Well, for me it sucks a lot, but it has its glorious moments. NBD, no big deal. To be honest, I’m still figuring shit out, and since I’m extra #AF I decided to create a podcast so everyone can listen in while I explore what it’s like being a large, fabulous, (former) Texan, Chicano, queer, non-binary person living in a white dominated country. 

     In episode one, Tor, the artist formally known as Hector introduces themselves along with Filiberto, the “chingon” producer. Together they discuss Tor’s name change and other scrumptious details.

  • La Doña Cervecería Opens 3v3 Futbol League Registration

    As winter continues to envelop us in snow and slippery sidewalks La Doña Cerveceria has announced that it’s brewery futbol league registration for 2019 is now open. 

    Last Fall's inaugural season was a success, seeing 34 teams enjoy beer and compete for prizes on the mini soccer field located on the patio, 2019 will offer a wider variety of skill level leagues and days. 



    There will be 3 tiers of leagues in each season; Major League, Minor League, and Liga Cerveza. Major League is ideal for those coming to compete and want a referee to oversee what will likely be some tightly contested matches. Minor League is semi-competitive for those who want to compete but not as intensely and without the aide of a referee.  Finally, there is Liga Cerveza for the most casual players just looking to have fun. 

    The league expansion is only one of several improvements brewery President Sergio Manancero and his team have made to the league after fielding feedback from the inaugural season participants.

     “We have added a slick new website to make registration easier and will improve communication with the teams throughout the seasons. Food will be more consistent with the help of food trucks and our friends in the restaurant business.  We are getting a digital scoreboard, improving the turf. We will continue to build on this one-of-a-kind-experience,” Manacero said. 

    Colin Persons, from last season’s team PRMT said “It’s a lovely way to spend a night.  I miss it already and can’t wait until Spring.” Rogelio Martinez, from team Avengers said “I enjoyed playing, it was fun and competitive.  The free beer was a great incentive and I look forward to playing next year.”

    Spring Season starts April 7th and the leagues are filling up.  Don’t miss out on what will certainly be an exciting year at La Doña.

    To register for La Doña’s Futbol and Social Club, please visit

    To learn more about becoming an advertising partner for the soccer field, please visit

    To learn more about La Doña, please visit

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