• Fotos y Mas with Lorena Endara

    I have supported Lorena Endara getting the word out on on two projects the Video Books Made by Youth and the Experimental Jazz Music Video Dream Has no Friend. What have learned is that Lorena's talents are boundless, so it was great to actually get a a chance to chat and collaborate on a new foto section for El Huateque. We have a new tab called "fotos" that will feature submissions and fotos from selected photographers. If you would like to submit, send your work to me at 

    Below is my podcast with Lorena where we talk about her work in photography, design and video production along with her collaborative work under Producciones Con Sal with her partner Eduardo Arenas of Chicano Batman fame. What follows is a series of photographs Lorena took for our Instagram hashtag campaign #muralmonday. We will post every Monday and hope that our followers will as well. I will then collect some of the photos and post them on the site. She took photos from all over Los Angeles depicting the various influences that shape the city and its character. 

     Growing up in Los Angeles murals and graffiti was very much a part of  the visual landscape. It was not till I left that I realized how much public art is so central to my sense of comfort. A wall without a tag or mural just doesn't feel like home to me, therefore, I am looking forward to this project to see what home looks like all over the country and perhaps the world













    South Central


    - Filiberto Nolasco Gomez 


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